Stone House starting from 1€ in Emilia Romagna

Stone House starting from 1€ in Emilia Romagna

We are auctioning an house located in the beautiful town of Vetto d’Enza, only 40km away from Reggio Emilia, a city on the high-speed national rail line with fast connections to Milan, Florence, Rome. It’s the first 1€ home to be auctioned in this beautiful region as featured on this article by Lonely Planet.

The village is settled in the forested hills and encompasses charming vintage buildings, classic bakeries, authentic bars and rustic restaurants to indulge those seeking a quiet and peaceful life in the Italian countryside. Vetto D’Enza maintains an exciting social calendar, with local events such as the “Sola in Festa” gathering the community together at farmyards for entertainment, barrel tossing, and free samples of gnocco fritto, the local speciality.

Check below our video presentation (until the last second!) 🙂


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