Frequently Asked Questions

For legal reasons only registered users can join the online auction after providing a valid credit card number. In case the reserve price is met, the winner is the highest bidder at the deadline. In specific auctions we will provide as well a “buy it now” option.

We have asked an opinion to several architects and surveyors and the range is between 70K and 120K euros depending on the material and kind of project preferred by the auction winner. But no matter where you live, you can benefit from the 110% Eco-bonus and/or 60% seismic bonus, meaning you will be able to restore the house with very little money if improving its eco-friendliness and/or seismic resilience!

Yes! The Superbonus is a recent tax break introduced by the Decreto Rilancio providing a 110% tax break on qualifying home renovation expenditure paid between July 1st 2020 to December 31st 2021. The following expenditures qualify:

  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Structural seismic improvements
  • Solar panels
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Double glazed windows

RESIDENTS and NON RESIDENTS qualify for the tax break.

​Any qualifying expenditure will attract the tax credit as long as it has been paid from July 1st 2020 to December 31st 2021. You can decide to use it to decrease your taxes or pass it over to a bank or to the construction company making your house renovation costs to fall sharply!

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Because being able to provide a credit card number means that you are a real person verified by the global financial system and gives us confidence that you are a serious enquirer and not a fake or a scammer. We will only charge the auction winner to get the house deposit but ONLY after explicit consent from her/him.

The winner will be contacted by our team in order to schedule a video-call to get to know each others, we think is a nice way to explain you the next steps.

After the introduction call we will explain you the different options available to conclude the sale and transfer you the property rights in a deed with a Notary (mandatory in Italy). In case you are not able to travel and do the deed in person we can represent you with a power of attorney. We leave it up to the auction winner to decide what makes more sense given personal circumstances.

Most of the countries in the world have bilateral agreements with Italy in order to grant reciprocity rights to own real estate. Here is a list of the countries that have an agreement in place. If your country does not appear here contact us and we will double check for you.

  1. Obviously all the EU countries
  2. USA
  3. China
  4. Japan
  5. Russia
  6. Canada
  7. Brazil
  8. Argentina
  9. Mexico

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